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Mandarin Consulting Hosts Another Expert Panel Event – Your Path to Develop as a Successful Global Elite in the New Club, Edinburgh

Mandarin Consulting Hosts Another Expert Panel Event – Your Path to Develop as a Successful Global Elite in the New Club, Edinburgh

Saturday, 6th April 2019. Mandarin Consulting organised another inspirational Expert Panel Event – Your Path to Develop as a Successful Global Elite in Edinburgh. Chaired by Sally Patterson, Senior Coach and UK Deputy Head Programme Management of Mandarin Consulting, forty enthusiastic university students received advice from four global professionals within the accounting, technology and coaching industries on how they could realise their self-potential and build a successful career in the global environment.

Held in the prestigious New Club, Edinburgh, the four panellists included David Walters, ex-British career diplomat at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Yiwen Lei, risk advisory consultant at Deloitte; Mengying Liu, a placement year student working for Intel Corporation as a data analyst and Yan Kong, a Mandarin Consulting alumnus who works for PwC. All the four panellists contributed to an insightful and engaging discussion whilst sharing key knowledge on the importance of starting early, to be successful in your future global career. Attendees also had the opportunity to network with the panellists and four other Mandarin Consulting alumni who successfully secured their dream job offers.

Yan Kong appreciated the opportunity of meeting with many aspiring students and commented, “I am glad to be part of the panel event. It is all about bringing people together from different perspectives and career experiences to discuss ideas that have the potential to change the mindset of the attendees on their international career. It is my honour to be able to contribute to this event. I was approached by many curious and brilliant attendees. Our audience came prepared to engage, rather than just absorb from the panellists. They were keen to discuss their thoughts and share their challenges with the panellists, to find themselves better ways of job searching. It is this collaboration that brings true value.”

Yiwen Lei said after the event, “I genuinely enjoyed the panel discussion with the other panellists who are from different backgrounds with fresh perspectives. Students attended the panel event asked many good questions which indicates their creative thinking and enthusiasm. It is an honour to share my experience with them and I am looking forward to seeing Mandarin Consulting organising another event like this.”


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