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Mandarin Consulting launches new MC Global Alumni Network

Mandarin Consulting launches new MC Global Alumni Network

London, Friday, February 8th 2019. Global Elite Coaching company, Mandarin Consulting, today announced the launch of the new MC Global Alumni Network. Demonstrating its commitment to develop a strong alumni community across the globe, the MC Global Alumni Network provides support and opportunities for successful graduates and post-graduates who have secured a job, completed an internship or a work placement, and benefitted from the coaching offered by Mandarin Consulting.

With the launch of the MC Global Alumni Network, the alumni will benefit from greater opportunities to network with other young professionals from a wide range of global companies and countries, support each other, and share personal experiences. Mandarin Consulting sponsors unique alumni events and engaging networking opportunities, supporting the alumni to achieve their successful careers as future global elites.

Carrie Waley, Founder and CEO of Mandarin Consulting commented, “congratulations to the launch of the MC Global Alumni Network. This network will provide a great opportunity for alumni to engage with other young professionals working in the wide range of industries around the world. We will have events online and offline to help our global alumni keep in touch, and share and learn from each other”.

At a recent networking event held in London, MC Global Alumnus Lan Guang, and member of the MC Global Alumni Steering Committee commented, “I am so glad we now have the Global Alumni network. After we managed to get a job, we still get a chance to meet with different young professionals from different areas and industries. We can share ideas, thoughts and even our passion for the future. I am really looking forward to the future development of our MC Global Alumni network”.


For more information, please visit www.mciworldwide.co.uk


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