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Mandarin Consulting Alumni Bowling and Networking Event in London

Mandarin Consulting Alumni Bowling and Networking Event in London

On Friday 2 November 2018, Mandarin Consulting welcomed MC Alumni to Queens, one of the most popular skating and bowling locations in London. The MC Alumni is a network of Mandarin Consulting’s successful graduates and post graduates who have secured a job, completed an internship or graduate work placement, having benefitted from one of the cross-cultural coaching programmes offered by Mandarin Consulting.

The MC Alumni professionals attending the event were able to enjoy ice skating and bowling, and, network with other young professionals working in a wide range of industries from global companies including KPMG, TransPerfect, Accenture and Legal & General. The event provided a great opportunity for the MC Alumni to enjoy their time during the weekend, engaging in conversation with like-minded professionals in a casual environment.

After the event, the MC Alumni described the event as interesting, well-organised and informative. One of the MC Alumni, Venus said, ‘this event is well-organised since the whole process was perfect and went smoothly. The environment was cosy and comfortable, and the food was delicious. It was really delightful to meet other MC Alumni there and listen to each other’s stories. It was great to meet new friends and get useful advice from young professionals with different working experiences in the UK. I appreciate this a lot. I hope the MC Alumni network continues to grow and we can continue such productive events in the future.’