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Mandarin Consulting launches new cross-cultural coaching package, the Diamond Plus

Mandarin Consulting launches new cross-cultural coaching package, the Diamond Plus

Mandarin Consulting has launched a new cross-cultural coaching package which reflects its vision of enabling ambitious Chinese students to reach their potential and launch successful careers.  The Diamond Plus is a fully comprehensive and intensive programme of coaching and skills development to meet company recruitment requirements and enables candidates to gain insights into Entrepreneurial Skills.

Mandarin Consulting coaches candidates to gain a full understanding of the recruitment process and to develop practical skills to help pass every stage. Mandarin Consulting’s packages prepare candidates for their future careers. Each package helps candidates develop transferable skills, which will allow them to succeed and excel in their future working life. Candidates will, therefore, receive real, life – long benefits from coaching through the Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages. Due to the demand from the Chinese university students, the new Diamond Plus package will focus on business skills for entrepreneurs.  With the guidance of dedicated and experienced Western professionals with multi-industry experience in coaching, candidates can develop their basic skills to start their own future business.

“At Mandarin Consulting, we’re especially proud to be able to offer this unique cross-cultural coaching programme to ambitious Chinese students and graduates”, noted Carrie Waley, CEO of Mandarin Consulting and a member of the Guild of Entrepreneurs.  “Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. Students and graduates have been asking us to coach them the entrepreneurial skills needed both to help them with the challenge of building their own new business in the future, and to give them the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur when working within organisations”.