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The Importance of Entrepreneurial Skills for your Career

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Skills for your Career

12th June, London.  Mandarin Consulting successfully hosted an inspiring Panel Discussion focusing on the importance Entrepreneurial Skills for future careers. There was powerful advice from experienced professionals and CEOs including EY Partner, Suwin Lee, successful entrepreneur and Managing partner of Commodity Consultants, James Proudlock and the CEO and founder of Mandarin Consulting, Carrie Waley.



The event was held in the prestigious Caledonian Club in London where the audience heard the value of entrepreneurial skills not just for those looking to start their own business but for anyone looking to pursue a career in a global organisation. Carrie Waley shared her thoughts as a professional Chinese woman setting up a business in the UK, stressing  how entrepreneurial skills are needed no matter what you do. Suwin Lee emphasised how companies are always looking for staff who have the potential to be future leaders to take their business forward and, for this, she said you need an entrepreneurial mindset. James Proudlock also shared his experiences as an entrepreneur and his insights into two businesses that failed. He reflected on failure and the need always to pick yourself up and move forward.



Mandarin Consulting offers the most comprehensive cross-cultural career coaching, helping Chinese students and graduates launch successful international careers. The panel event was organised to mark the launch of the new Diamond Plus Coaching Programme to enable candidates to gain entrepreneurial business skills.

The key message from the evening was summarised in three words: “Learning”, “Positivity” and “Passion”, words which the audience said they would remember for everything they do in the future.

“Entrepreneur skills is not just about starting your own business but the ability to think creatively and ambitiously”.