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Mandarin Consulting holds the first all day “Stay UK” event at University of Manchester

Mandarin Consulting holds the first all day “Stay UK” event at University of Manchester

Mandarin Consulting held the first ever “Stay UK” event for Chinese speaking students at the University of Manchester on Saturday 21st April, exactly 3 years to the day that the Manchester office first opened.

The event was a unique combination of eight talks throughout the whole day mixed with networking opportunities. Talks included a detailed look at the UK job market by Mandarin Consulting coach Dr Patrick Reid, how spoken English is key to a successful career by BBC journalist Tim Hague, Mandarin Consulting Alumnus Yennis talked about her exciting role at Accenture, and the MC Manchester Team Leader, Rebecca Huang, explained about the UK job market, among others.

The event was opened and hosted by Mandarin Consulting’s Central UK Manager Peter Davis who introduced the day’s events along with an exciting opportunity to win one of three return flights offered to China, by sponsors Hainan Airlines and event partners Yingde Group.

Talks began with Dr Patrick Reid reinforcing the importance of English in not just UK employment but also back in China, “speak as much English as possible right now, if you go back to China you may join a Chinese company working internationally in a project team”.

This was followed by BBC presenter Tim Hague, who proved very popular with the attendees who asked for autographs and photos when he finished his talk. MC Alumnus Yennis offered her tips on the UK job market and her own search for a job, “in terms of an Assessment Centre, it’s even more important to take the initiative not just during group discussions but the whole process, and the attitude you show to people is really important”.


Talks by Yingde and successful Chinese entrepreneurs followed, while the room was a buzz with activity as keen students sought advice and guidance from the professionals in attendance.



“This event was great, we do not often get the chance to have such specific advice and all the talks were very informative which gives us a lot to think about” T. Chen, University of Manchester Student.

“I came to see Patrick, he has coached me and helped me get my job in the UK but still I learned a lot today” A. Zheng, Lancaster University Student.