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Mandarin Consulting Launches New 2018 Online Training Academy Programme

Mandarin Consulting Launches New 2018 Online Training Academy Programme

On 9th February 2018, Mandarin Consulting launched the new 2018 Academy Training Online Programme, for all employees at Mandarin Consulting. This innovative series of live, interactive training webinars delivered by members of our dedicated and professional Coaching Team, focuses on developing and enhancing key staff skills.

On 15th February 2018, professional trainer and coach, Dana James-Edwards, was welcomed to deliver the first Academy Training session on leadership skills. Through a vivid and interactive session, Dana covered key training on the skills required to be a leader, the difference between management and leadership skills central to effective leadership, and what next steps to take in the leadership journey.

Following the success of this first training session, the internal Academy Training continues every fortnight with a clear focus on different, professional transferable skills including communication, time management and well-being management. As another milestone is reached in the internal training of Mandarin Consulting’s staff, the 2018 new Training Academy programme once again demonstrates Mandarin Consulting’s commitment to changing people’s lives for our employees as well as our clients.