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Cathay Association In Collaboration With EY Holds Seminar ‘Entrepreneurship In The UK’

Cathay Association In Collaboration With EY Holds Seminar ‘Entrepreneurship In The UK’

Cathay Association in collaboration with EY holds seminar ‘Entrepreneurship in the UK’

London, (20 April 2016) – Cathay Association held ‘Entrepreneurship in the UK’, a guest panel seminar hosted by Ernst & Young in Canary Wharf.

Attendees, mainly Chinese students from around the UK, as well as young professionals in London, listened to entrepreneurs John Zai, CEO and Founder of Cocoon Networks, Pippa Watmough, CEO and Co-Founder of Piggyback Property and Lars Andersen, Founder of My Name Tags and Arty Lobster. Ernst and Young were represented by Jun Zhang, Head of the Greater China Transaction Desk.

Facilitating the discussion, Carrie Waley, CEO and Founder of Mandarin Consulting, directed questions at the speakers to provide an insight into life as an entrepreneur. Topics covered included reasons for starting a business, entrepreneurial characteristics, key factors to success, funding, timing, women in business and obstacles for foreigners in the UK.

Attendee comments:
“I found the event extremely useful covering a lot of topics. It also provided the opportunity to network with people who have successfully made their start-ups and others who are striving to do so.”
Chang Ye, Master’s student, International Political Economy, King’s College London

“Personally I really like the idea given by Pippa Watmough, that there’s actually no ‘right time’ for starting our own business; when you have the passion and enthusiasm, just go for it!”
Yichi Zhang, Master’s student, University College London

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凯菲国际商务协会(Cathay Association)与安永会计师事务所(EY)成功举办“创业英国”高峰论坛

2016年4月20日,凯菲国际商务协会(Cathay Association for International Business)在伦敦举办了“创业英国”高峰论坛,该论坛由安永会计师事务所在金丝雀码头(Canary Wharf: 英国伦敦的主要商业区之一)举办。

参加者主要是来自英国各地的中国学生,他们和伦敦年轻的专业人士们一同聆听企业家们的发言。出席活动的企业家包括科控(Cocoon Networks)的首席执行官兼创始人John Zai、Piggyback Property的首席执行官兼联合创始人Pippa Watmough、以及My Name Tags 和 Arty Lobster的创始人Lars Andersen。安永会计师事务所则由大中华区地区交易平台总裁Jun Zhang代表出席。

为促进讨论,梦达林(Mandarin Consulting)首席执行官兼创始人Carrie Waley 女士现场主持并向嘉宾提问,使参会者对企业家的生活有了更深刻的了解。话题包括了开创一项事业的原因、企业家的特征、创业成功的关键因素、资金、时机、商业女性以及外国人在英国所受到的阻碍和挫折。

—— Chang Ye, 硕士生,伦敦国王学院国际政治与经济专业

“就个人来说,我非常喜欢Pippa Watmough的想法:事实上,永远没有绝对正确的时间去开创你的事业;当你拥有激情和热情的时候,就开始行动吧!”
——Yichi Zhang,硕士生,伦敦大学学院

凯菲国际商务协会(Cathay Association for International Business)是一个非盈利组织,致力于为在英中国人、英国当地人和英国商业提供一个联系交流的平台。请登录官方网站www.cathayassociation.com了解更多信息或发送邮件至Sandy Lennox:[email protected]