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New York Office Expands Outreach In East Coast

New York Office Expands Outreach In East Coast

Mandarin Consulting Extends Outreach to Washington DC and Boston

Mandarin Consulting Partners with Johns Hopkins University and Boston University for Campus Seminars

New York, NY – October 22, 2015 – Mandarin Consulting announced its expansion plans to collaborate with universities in Washington DC and Boston for campus seminars. Johns Hopkins University and Boston University are among a number of the colleges on the east coast who are on board with the expansion plans. Mandarin Consulting has reached an agreement with the Chinese Student Association in both colleges to host campus seminars with the objective of helping international students to overcome cultural differences with their future employers and to gain an understanding of the job application process in international companies.

“Expansion to Washington DC and Boston marks a milestone in the company’s development in the US and presents a great opportunity for us to better understand our market,” said Carrie Waley, CEO and founder of Mandarin Consulting. “Likewise, Chinese international students in Washington DC and Boston will now have the privilege of taking full advantage of our free seminars to learn about essential job application skills to compete in the US job market.”

Besides bridging cultural differences, the seminars also address crucial aspects of a job application that would be applicable to all job applicants. The main contents of the seminar include job searching skills for finding suitable companies and positions; understanding qualities that international companies are looking for from international students and graduates; networking, generating referrals and the four types of interview questions.

The seminars will be co-hosted by Mandarin Consulting’s CEO Carrie Waley and Director David Peckham. Carrie Waley is an experienced cross-cultural consultant and trainer who provides training to senior executives worldwide. David Peckham, who was a consultant for World Bank Projects and a Strategic Consultant at PwC, has over 40 years of professional experience in 35 countries.

The campus seminar at Johns Hopkins University is scheduled to take place on November 4, 2015, followed by the Boston University campus seminar on November 5, 2015. For more information on the speakers and the events, please visit: http://us.mcilcn.com.