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Mandarin Consulting Expand Operations With A New Birmingham Office

Mandarin Consulting Expand Operations With A New Birmingham Office

Career coaching company for Chinese students, Mandarin Consulting, have expanded to Birmingham

Mandarin Consulting, who have provided thousands of UK based Chinese students with high quality career coaching, have expanded Operations to a third UK office, this one in the vibrant city of Birmingham. The new office will serve as a base for students in the region to receive their career counseling with greater ease and in turn allow a wider reach for the company as a whole.

Mandarin Consulting expanded in April with a Manchester office and a further Regional Office in Birmingham allows students in this important area the chance to meet one on one with staff in a professional environment..

Mandarin Consulting CEO Carrie Waley said of the development, “We are delighted to expand our business even more with the Birmingham office. Following the successful launches of our Manchester and New York offices, Birmingham is a key part of the company’s development allowing us to work closely with students there. We are now becoming a Global brand and the Regional Offices are very important in ensuring our continued success.”

The Birmingham office will be home to several staff conducting career coaching sessions and instructive seminars aimed at Chinese speakers who find the cultural differences of the UK very different to that of their home country. Mandarin Consulting’s training is tailored to individual needs and includes group and one to one sessions for clients to improve their job prospects in the UK or returning home.

The office itself has several quiet areas for constructive discussion as well as professional meeting rooms in a corporate environment that provides an excellent opportunity for clients to prepare themselves for the UK job market.