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Carrie Waley Was Interviewed For China Daily

Carrie Waley Was Interviewed For China Daily

China Daily interviewed Carrie Waley, CEO of Mandarin Consulting, about job opportunities for Chinese graduates in the UK

LONDON, 9th June 2015 – China Daily interviewed Carrie Waley, CEO of Mandarin Consulting, for a feature article on the increase of job opportunities for bilingual Chinese in the UK.

The article mentioned some interesting statistics relating to the increase of such opportunities.  An UK based recruitment agency also explained that the trend of more vacancies was led by the increasing number of Chinese companies coming to set up operations in the UK. Typically these companies will need bilingual Chinese staff, not only to work effectively in the West, but also be able to communicate with the company’s head office in China.  Apart from the traditional demand from Chinese state owned companies, the newcomers are privately owned enterprises. It is expected that this trend will take off.

There are some concerns about the number of work permits each company can offer, however Carrie pointed out that there are still many opportunities. Some companies fail to get enough bilingual Chinese to fill their recruitment needs.  Carrie also said that the key issue lies in how competitive an applicant is in terms of their competencies.  Companies will not compromise their recruitment standards for Chinese applicants. It is therefore important for Chinese applicants to learn the skills to compete with local and other international applicants.

The article appeared on China Daily’s website. Readers may read the full article by clicking the following link: