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Coaching Experience 19.09.13

Coaching Experience 19.09.13

Coaching Experience – Online Tests

I have recently found that many candidates are failing the online test that companies can offer. After to speaking to candidates I’ve realised many people think in a way which is very natural – but is wrong.

People naturally want to save money and time and so they think they’ll just do the few practice questions offered immediately before an online test is delivered. They think, “I’m good at maths, I should be able to do the numerical test”, “I’ve studied accountancy, I’m logical, I should be able to pass the logical test”. Yes, you probably can – but can you do it in the time limit?

In my experience these online tests are more a test of how much you prepare, plan and practice.


Companies often invite you to do the tests soon after you’ve submitted your application form. They can then give you a short period, sometimes 48 hours, to complete the test. You should research online to see what the company you are applying for does. For example, KPMG send the test invitation immediately after your initial application.


If the company has a basic online application (i.e. one with no large questions) this indicates you will get invited to the online tests immediately after the application. If you have had to do all the long questions before you do the tests then before you submit this long form make sure you have time to prepare the tests.

Don’t submit an application if you know you will have a few busy days ahead.


Before you submit your application spend some time practicing the tests you expect to have. I’d recommend spending 5 hours to prepare each test if it’s your first time.

Final Warning

Apart from the fact that cheating demonstrates no integrity (which can often be a competency firms are looking for) it also may not help you. Sometimes you have to do these tests again at assessment centres and if you struggle on them, especially after practicing, you will probably struggle to do the job.

Martin Archer

19th September 2013