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CEO Carrie Waley Interviewed For BBC World

CEO Carrie Waley Interviewed For BBC World

Carrie Waley discusses ‘misconceptions that the British have about Chinese tourists’ with the BBC World Service (10 September, 2013)

An expert in cross-cultural relations, Carrie argued that a better understanding of, and tolerance for, Chinese culture from the British public could give rise to an increase in Chinese tourism in the UK.  Carrie highlighted:

1) Chinese tourists do not mean to be rude or aggressive.  They are just acting as they would in China.
2) Service in China tends to be more deferential than in the UK and therefore Chinese tourists expect this.
3) Status plays a key role in understanding Chinese attitudes towards service.  Generally speaking, the older and richer they are, the more they expect service to be deferential.
4) A better cross-cultural understanding between Chinese tourists and the British public would help Chinese tourism in the UK flourish.