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Coaching Experience By Evelina 13.08.13

Coaching Experience By Evelina 13.08.13

Coaching experience from Evelina:

Last week I had a conversation with a candidate who had to leave her previous job because a company was not providing her with a work permit and therefore she decided to find a company where she could work after her visa expires. She asked for my advice how she should explain this situation to recruitment companies when they ask a question ‘’Why did you leave your previous job without having any potential job offers?’’ The candidate did not think that she should explain the real situation as in her opinion it was not a good answer. Therefore she was trying to come up with a different answer which she struggled.

My advice to her was to stick to the real reason as there is no shame in telling this and it can not reflect badly on her. The potential wrong answer would be ‘’I was really bad at my job and this is why company decided not to provide me with a work permit and therefore I had to leave’’. So as long you do not say this, any recruitment will not see an issue when you say that you did not stay in your previous job because the company was not able to sponsor you.