Success Stories


some of those who have already started UK careers with Mandarin Consulting

Thanks for your coaching time in the past sessions, your professional attitude and skills helped me a lot on my job applications. You always response my emails quickly, and I enjoyed our Skype sessions. I’ve learned how to answer the competency questions and you really shaped my thoughts on my ‘unique selling points ‘. You […]

Vivian to Sally Patterson

I received a whole year placement from MCI Group in Brussels. Thank you so much for helping me with the whole interview process. To be honest, I couldn’t have gained such an amazing opportunity without your help. Not only because it was the first formal interview I have ever attended, but also I had been […]

Catherine to Julie Butt - MCI Group in Brussels

Dear Sally, I got that job lol~ Thank you so much for helping me 💕 And I will let you know when I am ready for the class since it is the end of the seminar and I got so many deadlines 😯  Probably next Monday and I will email you to confirm that before. […]

Cat to Sally Patterson - Luca Michele

Finally I went back to China and I will start my new job in Deloitte China this year. It’s really helpful for me to learn so much from you! Especially the CV part! Even in the future, I will know how to modify my CV ! I don’t know how to express it, but thank […]

Michelle to Sally Patterson - Deloitte

I’m so happy to be able to tell you some good news, although I haven’t received formal confirmation email, I was just told by HR personnel that I was confirmed to be the spring analyst of Credit Suisse!!

A Zhang to Sally Patterson - Credit Suisse

Sally is the best coach I have ever met!!   As a personal coach, she knows me so well, and she can always give me really helpful suggestions about how to organize my language, how to prepare well for an interview and how to perform well during an interview.   She is so caring and […]

Eva to Sally Patterson - Deloitte

My experience has been rather pleasant and satisfactory as I have received all-round support during my application process, from CV updating to interview coaching, where the coaches were very friendly and resourceful.

P. Chau - Cisco

Inspiration; Navigation; Professional; Trustworthy   I have gained the knowledge of not only how to apply for jobs professionally, but also how to navigate myself correctly; my personal coach teaches me a lot which cannot be learnt from school, for instance professional business report analysis.  

D. Sun - PTS Consulting

I obtained the analyst position at China Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, one of the 4 commodity exchanges belonging to CSRC, 1 month ago. What I have learned from your session helped me a lot at the final interview. Also, the good structure I used in my report writing impressed my supervisor. I really want to thank […]

Yan to Sarah Olsen - China Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

I am writing to tell you that I passed the Johnson&Johnson interview and finally got the offer. I really appreciate your coaching and I believe that you helped me a lot, especially for some tough questions.

Silvia to Flora Moxon - Johnson&Johnson

I am so excited now! I received the good news of Accenture assessment centre just now! It worth it! I really appreciate that you always encourage me to persist and become more confident! My growth is beyond my imagination in these two months. Without your coaching and all support from Mandarin consulting, I cannot reach my […]

Lan to Peter Ward - Accenture

  I have good news, I just got a notification from IBM that I passed group interview! You are THE BEST!…[after final interview] I got an offer from IBM Beijing! I am so excited! I think you bring me most of luck! Thank you so much!

M Han to Peter Ward - IBM Beijing

I think now I’ve become more confident, realistic, strategic and resilient and more importantly I have got my job! Ruiting discusses how she secured a job in the UK

Ruiting - PwC

Thanks for your kindly email. I quite love your opinion on interviewing, you said it can be seen as a door, it is a good opportunity to explore more about financial industry or something else. These words do encourage me.

Hayley to Claire Lyell

The AC as you said is a written exam. Thank you massively for the last analysis on factual journalistic coverage, they asked exactly the same question! I was so confident in the examination centre whilst not many of the others were.

C Lam to Sarah Olsen

Tell us your story and what you have gained from coaching? Since I started my studies at university, I submitted a lot of internship applications and aimed to gain work experience in the financial industry in the UK. However, I often found it difficult to pass the first-round telephone interviews and always received rejections in […]

Ben Huang - Barclays

The discussion with you today really helped boost my confidence, improve my communication skills.

X Yang to Mike Potter

Dear Sally, I just received BCG second round interview. I have a quick question: Since I would like to ask them an insightful and BCG-related question, I come up with “BCG Digital Venture” (because personally I did a lot of digital marketing related things). But I do wonder how to ask the question wisely because […]

E. Shi to Sally Patterson

Hi Peter, I am so excited now! I received the good news of Accenture assessment centre just now! It is worth it! I really appreciate that you always encourage me to persist and become more confident! My growth is beyond my imagination in these two months. Without your coaching and all support from Mandarin consulting, […]

A. Lan to Peter Michael Ward

I was frustrated about my job applications before I turned to Mandarin Consulting. I’d like to give a big thanks to my coach on receiving my dream offer from PwC.
In addition to my job offer, I gained understanding about businesses and cultural differences. I improved my commercial awareness and learned a lot from our discussion on some hot issues such as Brexit and the One Belt One Road initiative.

X. Meng - PwC

To Sally Patterson   Dear Sally: I am so delighted that you are my personal coach. I have read all your feedback given me yesterday carefully which is very fair and consistent with my actual situation. Thank you for your effort. Ashley       Dear Sally Hope you’re having a very relaxed holiday. I […]

Ashley, Amy, Betty, Eva, Yan

To Sarah Olsen Dear Sarah, I have passed the telephone interview with Bloomberg!!! Thank you so much for your help!!! Sorry I didn’t contact you immediately yesterday after the interview. I started a interview coaching session for HSBC almost immediately after I finished the interview with Bloomberg. And I had the interview with HSBC just […]


To Monica Chetal Sharma Dear Monica, I just want to thank you again for sharing your experiences and for encouraging me today, which is what I need the most right now. To keep an open mind and to be positive and confident. You are a great mentor. Thank you. Looking forward to speaking with you […]


To Monica Chetal Sharma Dear Monica, It is my pleasure to talk with you, too. Thanks for your instructions and also amazed by your detailed notes. I am going to go through these useful links. Looking forward to talking with you tomorrow. Kind Regards, S WANG


To Monica Chetal Sharma Dear Monica, Thank you very much for talking with me this morning. I am inspired by the experiences and ideas you were talking about in the session. Please see attached as my cv. Looking forward to talk to you again soon! Best wishes, Lily


To David Walters: Dear David, I’m Emma and hope all is well with you. I am writing to thank your coaching sessions with me last month. I have good news to share that I progressed into business head interview with Citi China MA (Operations & Technology) program. Though I haven’t received the confirmation email for […]


I just finished the BDO interview this noon. And I think it went really good, because I was not feel nervous and the questions are similar with the question we have talked before. After the interview the manager invited me to look around the working environment of BDO and introduce the office and workplace to […]


To Sarah Olsen: Hello Sarah, I am still waiting for PTS Consulting reply. The interview I did on Tuesday was not difficult. A finance controller asked me some common questions. For example, why you choose this placement? why you choose Durham University? How well is your excel? Are you ready to work in London etc. […]

Y Sun

To Tessa Codron: Hi Tessa Thanks for your coach and I passed RBS Telephone Interview. I’m waiting for RBS AC notification now and don’t know how long I need to wait for. Will let you know once they secure me a place in AC. Yours sincerely

S Zhang

Thanks for your coaching!!!!!!! that helps a tons we’ll talk soon! thanks Peter for this! you’ve helped me a lot!! You should be my life coach, no you HAVE TO BE or I can barely survive in the competition Thanks Peter, you’ve been giving me lots of supports along the way Do you want to […]


Dear Mr Peter Ward, I’m happy to have you as my coach I have ten personal coach sessions left, I hope I can have the chance to ask you to be my personal coach for the rest time. How I hope all coaches are like you Peter. Thank you so much for you encouragement Peter!! […]


Are you one of the personal tutors?  I hope my personal tutor is you! … I will check with them whether I can change my coach, I think your encouragement is very very important for me.


It was lovely to talk to you and could I add you on my LinkedIn connections if you do not mind? Glad to have you as my coach Thank you so much for everything! It was a wonderful experience of being your fellow student and I always say to my friend that you are the […]


Thanks very much for your conversation and the notes! I really enjoy it!


The first session we had was very helpful and inspiring. I am working on your notes now


I just got an offer from FDM Group. Thank you so much for your coaching


Thanks a lot for your time and efforts. I have never been encouraged by such a way you used today. Indeed, I feel more confident than before.


Thank you so much for all advices and resources provided. They are very useful and I will take a good use of them for my AC at PwC.


Thank you so much for your help. You really help me a lot.


Thanks for your session today and it is quite helpful. I will do my homework according to your notes. Many thanks to your kindness and instruction. Looking forward to the next session


I went to the interview and got the internship Jiya Jewellery. I start my job yesterday and I really like it to be a designer assistant. Thank you so much for your advice.

M Ban

Thank you for the notes, the coaching this morning was really inspiring and I would definitely practice more before our next session.

S Wu

I just received an email from Mazars saying that I have passed the first round interview with them and they will confirm my assessment centre date soon. Thank you very much for your kind help and useful suggestions. I used some techniques that we had discussed in my interview, and it was successful.

S He

I feel lucky to have you as my coach. You gave me adequate information about how to prepare for the interview. You are kind, patient, and professional. When I feel overloaded and disappointed, you encouraged me and help me make schedule to deal with messy things in limited time. When I gain a little progress, you truly feel happy for me and guide me on the most effective way.

J Wang

I have passed the KPMG telephone interview and received the invitation for the assessment centre. I would like to say many thanks to Jennifer Melia. Her interview sessions are very very useful!!!! All of the question asked in the interview has been prepared in her coach sessions!!!!!!! Thank you very much !!

Q Lin

Good news! I just pass the first telephone interview for HSBC China returns programme! Thanks for everything you have done for me. I really appreciated the interview skills you taught to me. When I finished the coach sessions, I really became more confident. When interviewing, from the tones of HR, I can tell the fact […]

R Xu

I just want to say a big thanks to you, Flora. You really helped me a lot on constructing these answers. Thanks again 🙂

R Kang

I cannot make it to PwC without your help. It was like a dream come true, as PwC London office Risk Assurance/Assurance is my favourite position. It was always a pleasure talking with you during the coach sessions. I cannot even remember how many sessions we did exactly.

Becky Li

I have passed the first around interview! I will go to next stage! Thank you for your help. Without you, I can’t go to such stage, thank you a million!

J Wang

Thank you for coaching me for the interview. I think it really helped me a lot. At first I didn’t know how to organise a questions and how to find the right example and narrate it efficiently, & after 3 sessions I had a better understanding on that. I just finished the interview. The HR […]

C Chen

I am very grateful for all your help in my career so far. Looking back into my life in London, Mandarin Consulting has played a significant and very helpful role. I am also impressed by your team’s great personalities! It was a great experience for me indeed!

Y Xu

Thank you very much for arranging the career planning session yesterday. I found it very useful for me, especially your suggestion about the change of my target job. It really makes my mind more clearly.

Y Wang

Thank you for giving me so much advice and confidence. I feel much confident than before and it is very useful for me. I really learn a lot from the career planning session.

A Wang

After attending the one day workshop on 17th, I find it quite useful for me to answer open questions, especially the motivational questions and competency questions. The workshop helped me to realise how to answer them, and provoked me to think of examples, which was one of my barriers before. I think the workshop had […]

B Zhou

Thank you for your suggestion and you encourage. Actually I didn’t hold the motivation to face the next interview, because I failed after I put 100% of my heart in to the first interview. However, your feedback session provided me suggestions that make me rekindle my passion to improve my ability to carry on till […]

G Zhou

Thanks a lot for the coaching. I had my interviews, they both went well! And the most important thing is that, I do feel I really enjoy the interview process! That’s also a valuable experience to talk to i-bankers and can develop my fast-response ability.

L Sun

I’m really happy with my position in Julie Wilson’s firm. I find it challenging yet exciting at the same time. I really appreciate the fact that all the staff in Mandarin Consulting are always looking out for all the candidates and ever so helpful! I will definitely contact your team if I need any further […]

S Luo

I always told people I didn’t know what to do and every decision I made was because of someone else, I sense that I couldn’t do it any more at some point. Now I am happy that I still applied to more programmes within the UK and eventually got one. Your coaching definitely deserves credit […]

J Zhu

Without Mandarin Consulting’s Career Coaching Program, I would not have got into my analyst job in the City.

Wenjun Zhang

Joining MC’s CCP has been the best choice I have ever made in my life.

Amy Li

I was so impressed with the dedication and determination of the whole MC team.

May Xie

I am so grateful for all the patience, encouragement and coaching I received from the MC team.

LiuYi Long

I was frustrated and lost when I joined the CCP and felt totally hopeless, and now I am working in one of the best firms in the UK.

Lei Wang

The internship that MC placed me has opened so many doors for me, MC has guided me to position myself for a dream career that I did not realise I could enter.

Xiaofang Li

I had a dream when I joined MC’s CCP, MC team has made my dream became a reality.

Max Li

I only started applying for jobs after finishing my Master’s degree, when I only had 2 months left on my visa. But, this was not an excuse to not try and get a job.

I followed coaches’ instructions and advice thoroughly, utilised my coaching sessions fully, did my homework and asked many questions. It is never too early, nor too late. The coaches were really great, they gave me so much help and encouragement!

J. He - BP

My job seeking journey with Mandarin Consulting rewarded me, not only an offer, but a life learning experience. I realised the importance of investment in success; this includes the investment in time, effort and learning from the experts.

Job seeking is not an easy endeavour; I did not know where to start at the very beginning. Through the coaches’ guidance, help and continued encouragement, I significantly developed my job seeking skills, as well as my confidence.

D. Sun - PTS Consulting

My CV was not very balanced as I had a lot of university debating experience, but not any internship experiences.

Mandarin Consulting helped me a lot to revise it, adjusting the layout and polishing the language. During my interview at the United Nations, my interviewer even commented that, of all the CVs he had seen, mine was the most impressive!

M. Chen - UNESCO

Mandarin Consulting’s presentations are the best I have ever attended. They include so much useful information and are totally inspiring. We feel privileged to work with Mandarin Consulting to provide career seminars to the Chinese students at Hull.

Joanne Dewey - International Career Skills & Employability Manager, Hull University Business School

The feedback from the students attended your seminar were overwhelmingly good that almost all students gave 5 (their top score) to our seminar, while usually students give 3 or 4 to our own seminars.

David Evans - Adviser from Lancaster University Career Service, Lancaster University

We have a long established working relationship with Mandarin Consulting. They have been a guest to our campus several times and gain great reputation amongst our Chinese students community. We found Mandarin Consulting’s team inspiring, they also seemed really dedicated and passionate about their work.

Aled Williams - International Career Consultant, Career Services, Cardiff University

We work very closely with Mandarin Consulting to help our Chinese students at Manchester in finding work experience and graduate positions in the international job market. We will recommend highly any UK based Chinese students who are interested to find out job opportunities and gain understanding of Western style graduate position applications to seek help from Mandarin Consulting.

Amanda Conway - Head of International Career Department, Career Services, Manchester University