Cross-cultural Career Coaching

Cross-cultural Career Coaching Packages

Package Comparison Table

Gold Platinum Diamond
First Step Documents
• Application Guide and Programme User Manual
First Step Coaching
• Workshop
• Generic CV revision and production
• Six common competency questions coaching
• Eight application revisions
Ongoing One-to-one coaching
• Interview coaching (unlimited)
• Assessment centre coaching (unlimited)
Application Skills Coaching
1. Personal development plan and career planning
2. Vacancy research assistance, including self-referrals through various on-the-ground and social media platforms
3. Planning for the interview process
4. Motivation questions
5. Competency questions
6. Commercial awareness questions
7. General questions
8. Business and social awareness coaching
9. English improvement
Professional Development Coaching
1. Understanding Western international company values
2. How different Western international organisations operate
3. How the key functions work and interact in a company
4. Teaming and teamwork
5. Importance and skills of networking
6. Challenges for trainees
7. How your performance will be judged
8. Communication with others
9. Work/life balance
Professional Insight Coaching
1. Leadership and management
2. General professional skills (budgeting, report writing, etc.)
3. Career self-development
4. Business etiquette
5. How to be an entrepreneur within a corporation
6. Social life in business
7. Cultural awareness in multinational companies
8. Public affairs
9. Awkward moments
10. Coaching for life